A New 'Rage Index' Shows What Canadians Are Most Angry About & Some May Surprise You

It's not the federal government or the housing market!

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Canadian flags hang from a building.

Canadian flags hang from a building.

What's made you mad this month? A new "rage index" considers the general mood of Canadians regarding the government, the economy and more, and the inaugural study has concluded that Canada is a country that is currently "grumpy."

The research — created by Pollara Strategic Insights — aims to gauge Canadians' perception of things like the trucker convoy, the cost of gas and the housing market to see what's getting people most angry each month.

The first survey found that an average of 49% of Canadians are feeling annoyed or angry recently, with 14% of those saying they've been very angry.

Frustration about the types of changes happening in Canada is especially widespread, Pollara Strategic Insights says, with 53% saying they're either very mad or moderately mad about the Canadian economy. Conversely, just 2% say they're very happy with the economic situation at the moment.

A significant 60% of the Canadians surveyed say the latest stories in the news in Canada gets them down too, with a mere 1% saying the news leaves them with a very happy feeling.

Other things getting Canadians fired up and feeling angry recently are the federal government (48%), provincial governments (46%) and the types of overall changes that are happening in the country right now (55%).

However, more specific news stories are what bring real "flashpoints of anger" for many Canadians, with things like inflation, gas prices, airport delays and the trucker convoy protests bringing some people to near boiling point.

The rate of inflation in Canada, for example, had as many as 41% feeling really mad, while an additional 42% described feeling annoyed or moderately angry.

Similarly, a majority of Canadians (79%) feel some level of anger over Canada's expensive gas prices.

Many people are also cross about delays at Canadian airports (57%), the housing market in Canada (55%) and the ongoing disruptions to passport services (45%).

Of those surveyed, 42% said the trucker convoy protests earlier this year made them feel very angry, while 21% described feeling annoyed to some degree. Conversely, 15% felt some degree of happiness, while the rest felt neutral.

The study added that people in the Prairies are the angriest in Canada overall, with 55% feeling some degree of frustration across the six topics.

Quebecers, on the other hand, are the most relaxed, with just 43% feeling mad about the subjects posed.

Overall, researchers concluded that despite Canada's overall current "grumpiness," feelings of intense rage are "limited to a vocal minority."

The country's general attitude on the rage index is described as "hot, not boiling," although only time will tell if this cools further or, in fact, heats up.

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