A Redditor Asked Canadians If They'd Leave Canada Permanently & The Answers Were So Honest

Ever considered a move?

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The Canadian flag in Montreal.

The Canadian flag in Montreal.

If you've ever dreamed about leaving Canada for warmer pastures, you're apparently not alone.

One Redditor recently asked Canadians if they would ever leave Canada for good and the post racked up almost 200 comments, with many people getting very real about the reasons why they'd leave.

The question, which was posted on the Reddit thread r/AskACanadian, asked "Would you consider migrating from Canada?"

And people did not hold back.

"It’s mid-march and [there's] still a foot of snow. Every Canadian is thinking of moving somewhere warmer," one comment read.

Many others agreed, and spoke about where they dreamed of migrating to.

"I’d love to live in a small village on the English countryside," one Redditor stated.

"Already considering it. Denmark is lovely.... As is the Netherlands......," another said.

Others listed the U.K., Australia and New Zealand as top destinations they could see themselves moving to.

In fact, many of the Canadians in the comments said the weather is a huge reason why they'd consider leaving Canada.

"My wife and I are talking about retiring somewhere hot, but would that be permanent? Probably not. Canada will always be home. However, I would like to spend a lot more time in tropical climates," one Redditor explained.

"Canada is my home and I love it here. I’m so grateful for this country and my experience of growing up and living here. That being said, my husband and I are 100% planning to retire in the Caribbean. I will never give up my Canadian citizenship but I want to die somewhere warm," another said.

One Redditor even said they'd like to migrate as it would be "nice to not have winter half the year."

Canada's cost of living was also cited as a factor some people are considering leaving the country for good.

For example, one person said, "My plan is to retire outside Canada. It's too expensive here to do so at a decent income."

In a similar vein, somebody else added, "Thinking about moving to the carribean. Weather is better and the cost of living is cheaper. I also have a better social life down south."

"I retire this year and first thing I will do is sell the house and everything else!! I am going to Thailand and will be able to live a less stressful life sitting on a beach relaxing. no more snow shoveling the driveway and wintery driving.. cost of living is so much lower!" another said.

Despite the negativity around Canada's weather and the cost of living, the Reddit thread was also full of people appreciating Canada and adding that it would always be home.

"Just returned from 15 years (mostly) away. Planning on a half and half retirement (half in Canada, half elsewhere that isn't the U.S.). Canada will always be home," one person said.

Another added, "No.... maybe for a short term assignment, but not forever. I've traveled enough to know how good we have it here."

Many others also recommended leaving Canada and living abroad – even temporarily – to get a new perspective and appreciation for the country.

"I love Canada. Will always be home. It’s really the land of opportunity and well balanced in so many ways, surely not perfect, nowhere is," one comment said.

It continued, "I am however living in Portugal - it’s been a beautiful experience. I suggest everyone to live at least one year abroad- can really widen your perspective and learn to appreciate Canada that much more."

"Love Canada and it'll always be 'back home' in convos with friends in Australia, but living somewhere else (even somewhere English speaking like the U.K., Aus, or NZ) is a wonderful experience even if just for a bit," somebody else added.

So, whether you choose to move out of Canada or not, it sounds like a little international travel is always a good idea!

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