A Redditor Asked What They Should Know Before Moving To Canada & The Responses Were Too Real

"Make sure you are OK with cold weather and plain food."

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The Canadian flag in Ottawa.

The Canadian flag in Ottawa.

If you've been thinking about moving to Canada, chances are you have a lot of questions on your mind.

One potential newcomer to Canada took to Reddit to find answers to their own questions — and ended up with brutally honest advice about life in the country.

Recently on the Reddit thread r/AskACanadian, a user explained that they currently live in Peru, are 15-years-old and not a native English speaker.

They also added that they've been thinking about moving to Canada with their mother, but aren't sure yet.

"What do you think that I need to know about Canada before [I] go to live there?" they asked.

And Reddit delivered on the many things newcomers need to know about moving to Canada.

For example, several people advised looking into Canada's immigration requirements as a first step.

"You're gonna wanna look up the immigration requirements from the federal government of Canada and start your research there," one Redditor explained.

"Eventually you'll need to start thinking about employment and living options for when you get here."

After that, people started giving out advice on what they think are the hardest parts about living in Canada, especially for newcomers.

"You need to learn to speak English or French pretty well depending on where in the country you want to live, you will find it incredibly difficult otherwise," one Redditor stated.

Another agreed and added that people who aren't native English or French speakers are better off sticking to big cities.

"While you will find it difficult, at least there will be translators or some Spanish-speaking people around you. Outside of the core cities, you're unlikely to have any language supports to help you get by until you learn English/ French," they said.

Another point that kept coming up was just how expensive it is to live in Canada.

"Canadians may look like they make more but our expenses are much higher too. This is something a LOT of immigrants don't realize until they move here. Many think we live in a fantasy world with lots of money," one Redditor said.

Many agreed, with somebody adding, "I wish people knew more! Breaks my heart seeing folks coming here with such high hopes only to be immediately financially crushed."

Redditors also took the time to share more general advice for life in Canada, from the cost of housing and the weather, to wearing layers during the winter.

"Make sure you are prepared for the weather no matter where in Canada [you] decide to go to," one person advised.

"It's very expensive. You'll struggle to find decent housing. And the weather is cr*p," another said.

"Make sure you are OK with cold weather and plain food," somebody else added.

Even Canada's most terrifying creatures – Canada geese – got a mention.

"Do not underestimate the weather and the wildlife," one Redditor advised, adding that the winters are cold, summers are hot and that "geese are absolutely agent[s] of chaos."

While a lot of these comments may seem largely negative, a few people piled on to add that things aren't all bad.

"Canada is great. While we like to complain about all kinds of things, the system and society is pretty good," one Redditor said.

"In general Canada is very welcoming to immigrants, and if you intend to put effort in you can make a good life for yourself. Coming here at 15 or 16, you'll have plenty of opportunity to make Canada your home."

They continued, "Is Canada a magical place that will solve all your problems if you move here? No. Is it a good place to live? Yes."

So if you are indeed thinking about moving to the Great White North, hopefully, this will help you make that important decision.

Best of luck out there!

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