A Massive 88,000-Square-Foot Outdoor Rink Is Opening At A Football Stadium In Canada

'Tis the season for skating! ⛸️
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Outdoor Skating Rink In Regina Is Opening In A Football Stadium & It's 10K Square Metres

If you're looking for a fun winter activity to do, an outdoor skating rink in Regina is opening up in a football stadium and there are nearly 88,000 square feet of ice to glide on.

Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is turning into Iceville and will open on New Year's Eve.

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February 28 when Iceville closes

You have to register if you want to skate here and it's free to do with a limit of six people per group.

Signing up for a date and time to skate is allowed up to two weeks in advance and all the slots until January 15 are already full.

Registration for the following two weeks will open on January 4 and only 30 people are permitted during each time slot so space is limited.

Skate times are 45 minutes and you have to leave the ice when your time is up.

There are COVID-19 rules in place, like maintaining a distance of at least two metres from other groups at all times. Masks are strongly recommended but only required inside Harvard Lounge and when physical distancing can't be done. 

If the temperature is -20 C or colder, not including windchill, the rink will be closed to the public.

Iceville will be open for skating from December 31 to February 28, weather permitting.

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