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Canadian Travel Companies Are Begging The Gov't To Reopen: 'We Need The Summer'

It's been signed by Air Canada, WestJet and many Canadian airports and hotels.
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Restart Canada’s Tourism Industry ASAP Says A New Open Letter To Trudeau

Some of Canada’s biggest travel companies have come together to urge the prime minister to restart Canada’s tourism industry. In an open letter, airlines, airports, travel agencies and tourism boards have asked Trudeau to take action ASAP. “We need the summer,” reads the notice.

Over 100 Canadian companies have signed an open letter to the prime minister this week, urging him to consider reopening the travel and tourism sector.

Due to concerns about COVID-19, international travel has grinded almost to a halt, and domestic tourism has been heavily restricted in many areas.

As Canadian regions make moves to reopen their economies, the letter is urging Canada’s leading politicians to start making moves to allow travel again, both nationally and globally. 

“We implemented tough decisions to protect our health and safety, shutting down schools, businesses, and our borders. Now, it seems we are getting through the worst of it,” reads the notice.

"As Canadians, we wait all year to travel during the summer. We need the summer,” it continues.

The letter goes on to explain that the travel, tourism and hospitality sector employs 1.8 million people and contributes $102 billion to the economy.

It calls for all provincial borders to be reopened, as “Canadians should be free to travel across Canada.”

The notice also suggests that Canada’s current international travel advisory and Quarantine Act is “out-of-step” with other countries, and should be updated.

This comes as places like Iceland, Greece and Italy are preparing to welcome international tourists back ASAP.

The letter goes on to note that heightened hygiene and safety measures could be implemented, to ensure those travelling are kept as safe as possible.

It’s been signed by aviation giants such as Air Canada, Porter Airlines, Air Transat, WestJet and Sunwing, as well as the CEOs of so many Canadian airports.

Companies like Marriott Hotels, Tourism Toronto and Forbes Travel have also added their names to the letter.

The note concludes by saying, “It’s time to encourage Canadians and some visitors from abroad to explore our country this summer, to begin reuniting friends and families, to allow important business travel to occur, and to get our employees working safely again.”

While Trudeau is yet to make any official announcements regarding international travel, it's been rumoured that the U.S. border could remain closed until the end of summer.

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