Canada Once Waited Over A Month To Comment On Elections & The Last Time Was In 2000

Although Canadians across the country continue to wait impatiently for the results of the 2020 U.S. election, we understand that it can actually take many days to come in.

What's more, this is not the first time Canadians had to wait for results days after election day. 

In fact, the people of Canada have been in a similar situation exactly 20 years ago.  

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How long did Canada wait for the U.S election results in 2000?

Canada is no stranger to the waiting game because the country once waited for over a month to see who America would elect in 2000, according to CBC News.  

The 36-day wait was seen in the presidential race between Al Gore and George Bush, in which the supreme court took hold of the final decision in the end.  

Now twenty years later, we may bear witness to some major déjà vu.

How does Justin Trudeau's stance mirror that of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien?

Justin Trudeau has made it clear he will not give his opinion on who he would like to see elected as the next president. 

This is in contrast to other Canadian leaders who are not afraid to share their opinions on who they would like to see elected, or rather not elected.

However, two decades ago, Canada saw another PM in a similar situation as Trudeau who behaved in a similar fashion and that was Jean Chrétien. 

Eddie Goldenberg, the former senior advisor to Chrétien, said they were given instructions to stay quiet and on the sidelines until the final results flooded in, per a report from the Calgary Herald.

"In 2000, we waited it out. I mean, there was counting going on in Florida until the very end," he said.

Once the wait was over, Chrétien reached out to Bush on December 14 of that year to congratulate him on the win in order to quickly form an alliance and move on to regular business.

The Canadian government also had a plan whichever way the coin fell and the same can be said fast forward 20 years later.

Just like Chrétien, Trudeau believes Americans will decide what is best for their country and Canada will have no choice but to adapt to any and all eventualities.

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Will the election be a repeat from 20 years ago?

To Canadians, it already seems like we're in for a torturous long haul for election results.

But there is possibly some hope on the horizon.

That's because it's reportedly much harder to halt the counting of ballots that still need to be tallied as opposed to demanding a recount.

As we saw decades ago, Democrats wanted to facilitate a recount of the votes while Republicans deemed this as fraudulent and unfair.  

Many believe this is unlikely to happen in 2020 as no one has yet asked for a recount, but rather the spotlight is on making sure every vote has been accounted for first, and that can take many days.