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This Now Retired Ontario Police Dog Has A Better Resume Than All Of Us

He even fit competitions into his busy schedule!

Ever felt your resume was lacking in some areas? If so, this newly retired police dog in Canada will really bring home those sentiments.

That's because an Ontario canine might actually have a better resume than all of us, combined.

Good boy!

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700 Canine calls that Arry responded to

Chatham-Kent police is bidding farewell to a special member of their squad after seven years.  

K9 Arry, who started his career in the force in 2013 is throwing in the towel after serving almost 10 years of hard work on the police force, and he has a resume to prove it. 

The police department took to the internet to give Arry his proper dues in a sweet Twitter post

"Since 2013, K9 Arry has been a valuable member of our police family," the caption read.

"Thank you K9 Arry for your exemplary service to our community. Congratulations on your retirement."

During his time on the force, Arry was a part of around 700 canine calls, participated in 75 arrests, uncovered over $128,000 worth of illegal drugs, found $11,000 of stolen property and recovered four firearms. 

If that wasn't enough, Arry also had some time on his paws to participate in many competitions with his handler Const. Bertok.

The farewell also came with a photo of Arry standing tall and strong sporting a cute dog smile.

He doesn't look a day over 10!

And if his achievement didn't make you self-conscious enough, him being posed up near a police car and several trophies and awards will do the trick.