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Roll Up The Rim 2021 Has More Prizes Than Ever & It’s Impossible Not To Win Something

Here's everything you need to know about playing this year!👇🇨🇦
Roll Up The Rim 2021 Has More Prizes Than Ever & It’s Impossible Not To Win Something

Calling all Tim Hortons fans! Roll Up The Rim 2021 is officially on the horizon but it’s going to look totally different this year.

The coffee company has already revealed several changes to the annual contest, including a name change, the complete removal of physical cups and even more prizes than ever before.

With the game going digital-only and with even more ways to earn an online “roll,” here’s everything you need to know about the competition this year:

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What's different this year?

In a statement on February 16, Tim Hortons revealed that Roll Up The Rim would be making an official comeback.

However, the contest is getting totally revamped and it’s going to look pretty different by the time it relaunches on March 8, 2021.

One of the biggest changes is the name of the competition, which will become Roll Up To Win as of this year.

The name change reflects perhaps the biggest difference to the gameplay, too.

According to the company, this year, the tabs on cups will be officially retired, making the game all-digital. This means competitors will take part using the Tim Hortons app or website to play.

The company explained that, like last year, “We didn't believe it was appropriate for team members to be handling tabs that may have been in people's mouths.”

How do we play without the cups?

To play, guests will earn “rolls” by making eligible purchases at Tim Hortons and scanning their physical Tim Rewards card or the loyalty card on their app. 

While there won’t be a physical cup rim to unroll this year, Timmies fans will be able to use the Tim Hortons app or the Roll Up To Win website to earn digital prizes.

Unlike previous years, players will also be able to get “rolls” by purchasing select cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps, in addition to the purchases of hot beverages.

Also new this year, Canadians will be able to win “rolls” for eligible items purchased directly through the app.

According to the coffee giant, this gives guests "more ways to earn a Roll than ever before."

What about the prizes?

To celebrate the “start of a new era for Roll Up,” Tim Hortons has confirmed a brand new prizing system that means every single “roll” is a win.

This is because the “most hated part of Roll Up  — the Please Play Again message —” has been totally removed from the game, which means every play results in a prize of some kind.

The company says the 2021 competition will have the “largest prize pool ever,” set to include grand prizes, free coffees and donuts and digital prizes like Tims Rewards points and subscriptions to popular streaming services. 

Additional information about the rewards on offer is expected to be revealed soon.

Roll Up To Win kicks off on March 8, 2021, and will run until April 4, 2021.

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