This Texas Shop Makes Pizza As Big As A Pool And They Deliver (PHOTOS)

They say it's the "World's Biggest Pizza."

A couple behind a huge pizza. Right: A man slicing a big pizza.
Desk Editor, Texas

A couple behind a huge pizza. Right: A man slicing a big pizza.

You can now have a huge pizza party with your friends thanks to a traveling food shop based in Hondo, TX. We must warn you: Their enormous pizzas can be as big as an above-ground pool.

Known as Dirt Road Cookers, this small business began operating in the middle of a Halletsville, TX festival where they cooked their first giant pizza for a whole town. They’ve been traveling around the state — and surrounding places — hosting unique pizza celebrations ever since.

The business considers its dish the "World’s Biggest Pizza" as they offer 12, 8, and 6-foot pizzas that can be ordered with as many toppings as wanted.

Prices for this product vary from $800 to $2,400, depending on the size and place where the festivity is taking place.

"One 8-foot pizza in the San Antonio area is $900. Travel fees apply outside of San Antonio and are dependent on location," Kurt Oefinger, Dirt Road Cookers owner, said to Narcity. “We’ve had a customer pay $4,500 for us to travel to their event once."

Although most of the occasions where this shop has participated have taken place in Texas, Oefinger said they had the opportunity to cook a pizza in Carlsbad, NM back in February and will be visiting Arkansas in November, and Louisiana in 2023.

Dirt Road Cookers is strictly a traveling pizza business, so there is not a single brick-and-mortar location out there. However, their menu, rates, and services can be found online.

According to Oefinger, all of their gigantic pizzas include 40-pounds of dough, 30-pounds of cheese, and 30-pound of toppings. It’s also a convenient and fast dish as it only takes 30 minutes to cook in their custom wood-fired pit.

This shop certainly well-applies the Lone Star State phrase "everything is bigger in Texas."

Dirt Road Cookers

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: Hondo, TX

Why You Need To Go: They offer pizza as big as an above-ground pool.


Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
Fernanda Leon was an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.