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These 6 Cities With Some Of The Cheapest Rent In Georgia Aren't All 'Out In The Sticks'

Living your best life can be SO affordable.

Downtown Athens at sunset. Right: Storefronts in Historic Downtown Athens, GA

Downtown Athens at sunset. Right: Storefronts in Historic Downtown Athens, GA

Georgia Contributing Writer

With rent prices skyrocketing all across the South, some Georgia residents are willing to make the jump and relocate to avoid inflated housing costs.

Thankfully, Georgia isn't the least affordable state in the U.S.(yet), and there are plenty of cities in the Peach State where you can still find affordable rental prices.

These six cities have some of the cheapest rent in the state according to Rent, and not all of them are out in the middle of nowhere.

We used data from Niche to determine the median rent, population and overall quality of life there. To give you an idea, the national median rent is currently $1,096/month.

This list features some up-and-coming cities that often get overlooked!

Valdosta, GA

Median Rent: $788

Population: 56,320

Valdosta is home to unique historic architecture, beautiful flora and fauna, and even has its own amusement and water park, Wild Adventures. It has a dense suburban feel and is perfect for families looking for a calmer, artsier vibe than the bustle of a major city.

Cumming, GA

Median Rent: $981

Population: 6,528

Cumming is a quaint Atlanta suburb that has both close proximity to the city, and a feeling that you've escaped into nature. You can lounge at the beach on Lake Lanier, or go hiking in North Georgia's expansive mountains, all while being a short drive away from Atlanta's action.

Rincon, GA

Median Rent: $1,061

Population: 10,187

Rincon is a suburb just outside of the beautiful coastal city of Savannah. Many young families live here, and it has a sparse suburban feel. It's only a short drive away from Downtown Savannah's Historic District and presents the option for fun outdoor activities like kayaking on Ebenezer Creek.

Warner Robins, GA

Median Rent: $944

Population: 76,967

Warner Robins is a small city just outside Macon that has been named one of the best places to live in Georgia. There are plenty of parks in this diverse suburban city, and good schools and nightlife scene.

Athens, GA

Median Rent: $871

Population: 124,962

Athens might be the home to the University of Georgia but it is much more than just a college town. The city has beautiful trails and parks like the State Botanical Garden, as well as a thriving nightlife and bar scene downtown. You can also go to art museums, or attend a show at the famous Georgia Theater.

Albany, GA

Median Rent: $766

Population: 72,634

Albany is a small town with a sparse suburban feel to it. There are plenty of small storefronts, coffee shops and parks you can visit. It is located on the Flint River, which has a long trail where you can unwind and go for a walk along the water. This town is a great spot for admiring Georgia's natural beauty.

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