A new Netflix show called Southern Survival will be hitting the streaming platform tomorrow, and it was filmed right here in South Georgia.

The company Battlbox, a subscription box company based in Bulloch County, will be staring in this 8-episode reality series.

A little goofy, a little quirky, perhaps a little 'country,' combined with a lot of explosions, and other tests, make BATTLBOX ranch the ultimate testing grounds for gear.

Brandon Currin, VP of Battlbox

The company is known for its product testing videos, which put them on the map for producers to find it in this small Georgia county.

The Battlbox team will be taking various products and putting them through tests to see what works and what doesn't, "whether it's fighting off wild animals or other disasters," according to WTOC. 

By the end of the show, you just might have learned which items could protect you from intruders or help you survive various dangerous situations, the southern way.