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A Scottish Jet Skier Has Been Jailed For Crossing The Irish Sea To See His GF

Dale McLaughlan, the Scottish jet skier who crossed the Irish Sea to see his girlfriend, had never even ridden a jet ski before. 

According to BBC News, the 28-year-old was sentenced to four weeks in jail after breaking COVID-19 border restrictions and traveling four and a half hours by jet ski from the Isle of Whithorn to Ramsey, Isle of Man. 

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4 weeks Time McLaughlan will spend in jail

JOE has reported that he had been given a permit to visit the Isle of Man in the past for the purpose of working as a roofer. This is when he met his girlfriend. 

After allegedly trying to enter the Isle of Man several other times but getting rejected each time, McLaughlan decided to get crafty. 

He rolled up on his jet ski and walked for 15 minutes to his girlfriend's home. 

The police came to her door but as the BBC reports, he told an officer he also lived there. 

The two were reportedly caught going to nightclubs that night, breaking even more COVID-19 restrictions

While McLaughlan's lawyer says he's been suffering from depression because he can't see his partner, Deputy High Bailiff Christopher Arrowsmith said he deliberately broke border restrictions and that the "carefully planned" tomfoolery was really risky.

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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