You Can Send Off Love Letters At The End Of This Scenic Washington Hike

We can only imagine what's inside that mailbox!
Mailbox Peak Trail In Washington Is Like Part Of A 'Hallmark' Movie

There are tons of hikes in the Pacific Northwest, but the Mailbox Peak trail in Washington is not only described as legendary, but it has sentimental value as well! At the top of the summit, there is a mailbox full of love letters, simple notes, stickers, autographs of brave hikers, and more.   

Some have even used the hike as a pilgrimage of sorts because of how challenging this journey is.

It’s not for the faint of heart, however. The 9.4-mile trail is often described as steep and challenging due to its elevation.

The Washington Trail Association notes that this hike has “inspired potential Rainier climbers, challenged adventurous day hikers, and occasionally Mother Nature used the trail to bite back.”  

Before you head out, be sure you grab your Discover Pass, which is $30 annually.

If you are more of a day hiker, you can purchase a $10 day-pass online.

Due to the difficulty of this path, Mailbox Peak has created a new trail to the top.

It’s still pretty steep, but the new route “offers a safer way for folks to attain the summit of this formidable peak,” writes WTA.  

Once you burn your calves and thighs in, not only will you get to the beloved mailbox, but you’re going to see some incredible views.  

Mt. Rainier is smack dab in front of your face, and so is the Middle Fork Valley that looks like a green runway.  

And for the mailbox? Who knows what you can find! According to the WTA website, it’s said there had been beer, toys, and even a fire hydrant up there.

So get those love letters or manifestation notes ready! What will you bring to the top of Mailbox Peak?

Mailbox Peak Trail

Difficulty: Challenging

Length: 9.4 miles roundtrip

Location: Latitude 47.4624° N, Longitude 121.6393° W

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