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Alberta Wants To Cancel The RCMP Because Cops Won't 'Confront Activists'

Apparently their gun laws are way too strict, also.

According to the provincial government, Albertans aren't happy with the local RCMP. 

On Wednesday, October 7, the province announced that they're looking into forming a separate Alberta police force that would effectively replace the RCMP. 

The government said that one of the reasons why Albertans are apparently unhappy with the RCMP is because "their members are unable or unwilling to confront activists." 

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Albertans who are policed by the RCMP told their government that they want a provincial police service.

Kaycee Madu, Minister Of Justice and Solicitor General 

Other reasons why some Albertans reportedly want to get rid of the RCMP include their "heavy-handed enforcement of gun laws," their "limited connection to the province," and the bureaucracy. 

Therefore, the Alberta government is taking the next steps to form their own police force. 

They've ordered a "transition study" that would explore whether a separate police force could be feasible.

"The study will also consider operational requirements, processes and potential costs for creating a provincial police service," said the statement. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will be the firm in charge of the study.

They've been given a budget of $2 million and they're supposed to deliver a final analysis to the government by April 30, 2021.