Seth Rogen Got High With Conan O'Brien During The Host's Final Week On Air (VIDEO)

Spoiler alert: one person looked a lot more comfortable. 🪴

Seth Rogen & Conan O'Brien Got High Together On Air (VIDEO)
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The Canadian kindness of Seth Rogen is shining through once again. The Vancouver-born actor appeared on Conan before the show ends this week, helping Conan O'Brien figure out what exactly to do with the talk show host's newfound downtime.

Rogen, who owns a cannabis company, only had one "hilariously on-brand" suggestion, pulling a joint from out of his shirt pocket.

"Don't smoke that now," Rogen said. "Or do? This'll be a great, weird show!"

Conan eventually took Rogen up on his offer, looking just a little uncomfortable with the experience (holding the joint the wrong way and trying to light it) before passing it back to Rogen and Andy Richter, both of whom looked a lot more at ease.

"I'm so happy with what just happened!" Rogen said, ringing out the segment with his trademark laugh.

Cormac O'Brien
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