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Starbucks Canada Summer Game Is Here & It Will Give You Roll Up The Rim Vibes

Let the games begin! Starbucks Canada summer game is here and it's time to start playing. There are so many prizes to win like free drinks and stars.

To celebrate the season, Starbucks has launched its annual summer contest and it'll give you Roll Up The Rim vibes.

Like the Tim Hortons classic, when you buy something you get a chance to win prizes, but you have to play a game to get them. Canadians can play twice a day when they make purchases at the coffee chain.

You have to be a member of the rewards program and pay using your Starbucks card or app. It's free to join if you want to take part but aren't a member.

However, this promotion does exclude Quebec.

Along with the stars sweepstakes, free drinks and discounts that are up for grabs, there will be prizes of the week available to win like Uber Eats coupons.

If you don't want to make any purchases, there's another way to play without spending any money.

You can fill out a form and answer a couple of questions about the game to earn a free play.

Whether you buy something or fill out the form or both, you can still only do a maximum of two plays per day.

The summer game ends on August 23 so you have lots of time to win free stuff!

After you make a purchase or fill out the form for a free play, you can head over to the summer game website to take your turn.

In the past, you used to get spins that would move you along a gameboard to win prizes.

Now it's got a Plinko vibe to it.

For each play, you get a ball that moves from side to side along the board. Then you tap or click to release it and depending on where it lands you could win something.

This game of chance is kind of similar to Roll Up The Rim especially since the annual Tims contest went digital this year because of the pandemic.

To keep everyone safe, paper cups were eliminated from the game and all the rolls were online.

Starbucks just announced a new dairy-free option that will be available in the fall.

The coffee chain has plans to close up to 200 locations in Canada over the next two years.