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If you're looking for a new spot to have a beverage or two, the best bars in in Canada have been revealed and they all look so delicious.

On Tuesday, June 7, the 2022 winners of North America's 50 Best Bars were released and it includes spots in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and even Halifax.

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Toronto is filled with so many bars and restaurants that it's literally so hard to choose your next spot at times, but that's also what makes it so great.

Open your Google Docs and notepads because on Tuesday, June 7, four Toronto bars made it on the list of "North America's 50 Best Bars," and their vibes are immaculate.

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If you're looking for a cool spot to sip some cocktails in Toronto, why not make your next stop at the bar that was named the best in Canada?

On Tuesday, June 7, the inaugural awards for the 50 Best Bars in all of North America revealed their rankings, and Civil Liberties not only cracked the top 10 list for the continent, but it also clinched the number one spot for the country.

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Let be honest, we all love to have a drink. Some of us like to get sh*t-faced, while others take their time and **enjoy** a beverage. Why not have a fab cocktail? (virgins can be tasty too?)

Toronto stands high on an international scale for having the best drinking establishments. Our  five-star mixologists work magic - they create lip-smacking cocktails. Save the vodka soda for a ‘let's get wasted’ night and try one of these Toronto’s must-have cocktails:

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2015 was the year of the foodie. 

More then ever before, people are interested in trying the best dishes, capturing the best food Instas, and telling their friends about the best restaurants.

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