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ghost towns

When looking for your next road trip destination, the best hidden gems can be found off the beaten path.

From forgotten homes on stilts in the middle of turquoise waters to overgrown mining towns used for filming some of Hollywood's most popular movie franchises, this road trip map will take you to some of the most eccentric ghost towns located in the South.

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Stepping into this hidden ghost town in Southern California feels like stepping out of the modern world and into a John Wayne film: at least that's our first impression of Pioneertown, going by the pictures on Instagram.

It's an unincorporated town, situated in the Morongo Basin region of San Bernardino's High Desert, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park.

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A g-g-g-g-ghost?

Canada is full of wild, unique and interesting ghost towns. From the west coast all the way to the east, Canadian history is full of towns that, for one reason or another, everyone decided it was time to high-tail it out of. Perfect for your summer road trip.

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Ontario’s history is laced with a surfeit of dark events that lends it character and dimension. Bone-chilling stories of the past continue to be told today, and several eerie remnants of them remain scattered across the province.

One area where such evidences are still seen is that of Indiana, Ontario: a once-thriving mid 19th century town that is now a faded ghost town. In the 1830s, it was occupied by a rich family known as the Thompsons, who initially moved there to invest in the area.

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In Ontario, everyday is Halloween. That's because the province is brimming with creepy spots and haunted locations; all of which are products of its unusually dark history. As a hot bed for the eerie and the paranormal, courageous adventurers would definitely enjoy exploring Ontario's spooky sights.

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