This Abandoned McDonald's Is An Eerie Time Capsule Straight Out The '80s (PHOTOS)

It's safe to assume their ice cream machine is down. 🍦🍔

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​The exterior of the abandoned McDonald's. Right: The pink and blue interior of the abandoned McDonalds.

The exterior of the abandoned McDonald's. Right: The pink and blue interior of the abandoned McDonalds.

Some abandoned places in the U.S., like the old Lisa Frank factory in Arizona, feel like creepy nostalgic fever dreams. We are now entering a restaurant where you can find decor, art and trends from decades past seemingly preserved in time.

An urban explorer made a viral video showing an abandoned McDonald's that looks like it's straight out of the 1980s and the building seems like a retro time capsule.

Triangle of Mass posted footage on TikTok and YouTube of this crumbling fast food joint stocked with outdated equipment, pink and turquoise accents and a retro dining room.

On the July 2021 images, the overgrown courtyard still has rusted tables that are falling apart, the windows are boarded up and painted over to stay consistent with the red and yellow exterior.

The courtyard of the abandoned McDonald's.The courtyard of the abandoned McDonald's. Triangle of Mass | YouTube

Inside the former establishment, there is booth seating and swivel chairs, and nostalgic pastel-colored wall art.

The pink and blue dining room in the abandoned McDonald's.The pink and blue dining room in the abandoned McDonald's.Triangle of Mass | YouTube

Some elements of the YouTube video viewers may find surprising. Though the inside looks decades old, according to Triangle of Mass, the storefront only closed in 2007. He also reports that the restrooms "smell brand new."

Looking past the tiled counter, you can look back into the former kitchen and see the outdated equipment that has been left untouched for years.

The counter inside the abandoned McDonald's.The counter inside the abandoned McDonald's. Triangle of Mass | YouTube

The TikTok takes you on a tour of all the old appliances.


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There are old paper bags left lying around, soda machines that feature orange High C with leftover syrups still dated below, and clunky monitors hanging from the ceiling that are barely reminiscent of the modern LED touch screens you can find in many modern storefronts.

This spot, which was once likely buzzing and full of life, now remains empty except for the occasional visitor who passes through looking for relics of decades past.

While the location of the deserted eatery was kept secret, Snopes reported it could be situated in Oregon based on the chain's design in the region. It's unclear if the building still stands today.

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Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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