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Thinking about snagging yourself a new job this fall? Well, you're in luck because there are loads of companies hiring in Canada right now and some don't require extensive experience at all.

In fact, some of Canada's biggest companies are hiring for a bunch of different positions. And to make things even better, every single one of these jobs offers plenty of great benefits.

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McDonald's Canada is doing a massive hiring drive across the country, and it might have just the job for you.

The fast food company is currently hiring over 20,000 workers for the upcoming fall season, with openings available across all levels.

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If you've never worked at McDonald's, chances are you know someone who does (or has), since it's one of the top youth employers in Canada. A job at McDonald's can build valuable life skills like leadership, decision-making, teamwork and time management. It's also a place where the work can be fun — seriously.

If that sounds like a job you'd like, you're in luck: McDonald's Canada and its independent franchisees are looking to hire 5,000 new employees who are friends of a current employee. In fact, this year alone, McDonald's Canada and its franchisees have generated over 1,700 referrals.

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There are McDonald's Canada jobs available across the country right now and recruiting is being done through text messages.

With this hiring spree, the fast-food chain is aiming to bring on 5,000 new crew members who are friends of or know current employees.

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