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McDonald's Canada Is Hiring 5,000 People Right Now & You Can Use Inside Sources To Get In

Employees are recruiting their friends for jobs via text messages.

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McDonald's Canada Is Hiring 5,000 People Right Now But You Need An Inside Source To Get In

There are McDonald's Canada jobs available across the country right now and recruiting is being done through text messages.

With this hiring spree, the fast-food chain is aiming to bring on 5,000 new crew members who are friends of or know current employees.

McDonald's Canada has a conversational AI assistant that helps employees connect their pals and people they know with jobs by just sending them a text message.

Through this exchange, the AI provides a way to share a job opening at their specific McDonald's location or tell them how to do their own search to find a job at a location that works for them. Then, the person who got the referral from an employee just has to complete their application, which later gets reviewed by the hiring manager.

If you're looking for a job elsewhere, there are so many opportunities you can look into right now including positions with Lululemon, Pinterest and Canada's Wonderland.

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