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A brand new spot for wood-fired pizza is coming to Toronto, and it's completely transforming one of the city's iconic buildings.

Piccolo Piano Pizzeria is the latest concept by Italian restaurant Piano Piano. Opening on September 30 in the old Café Cancan building, the pizzeria will offer a variety of pies in a renewed setting.

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There's a lot of self-induced pressure on Torontonians to savor the summertime. Winter tends to be long and brutal so every weekend from May through August needs to be lit. Once it hits 20 degrees – or even 15 – the city comes out of hibernation, the jackets get put away, and patio season commences. It's that time of year we actually look forward to; holiday season is great, but we all know the TTC during negative temperatures is not something to daydream about.

Longing for summer is what gets us through the work and school season, even if we forget about the humidity. Apart from having to shave everyday, sweating on the subway and hiking up your energy bill with constant AC, summer in Toronto is the best 4 months of the year. You can finally eat outdoors, hangout poolside, and walk from your uber to the club without  ruining your heels. But if you notice yourself gravitating to the same spots and want a change of space, Toronto is bursting with cool restaurants, clubs and lounges. Whether you go with friends or family check out these places:

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