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Calling all sun seekers! Canada's spring forecast says that we're not going to see consistent warmth yet in May, but the toasty temps aren't too far away.

On Sunday, May 1, The Weather Network dropped its Canadian forecast for the month of May and beyond.

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Brace yourself, Prairie provinces — the weather in some spots is about to get really wintry this week!

According to The Weather Network, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are all about to get hit with the energy from a "potent weather bomb" that's currently blasting B.C. and will start bringing snow into Northern Alberta in the evening of Tuesday, November 9.*

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The Prairies ended the holiday weekend with snow and rain in some areas, and it looks like they should brace for even more of it this week.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), "a developing Colorado low threatens more early season snowfall, though accumulations will be very temperature dependent."

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The weather in the Prairie provinces is looking like it'll be all over the place for Thanksgiving festivities this upcoming weekend.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), the eastern Prairies will see above-seasonal temperatures for the Monday holiday, but a storm might bring some rain to Manitoba.

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