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I don't know about you but the past couple of years feels like a bit of a blur. These seven shows on Netflix showcase different aspects and angles of the current pandemic, and it hits like nothing else.

Some of the shows introduce it briefly while others dive in as it wraps around the main storylines. Whether you're interested in a new perspective or need an excuse to laugh at the chaos of the world, you'll be able to find a series to watch on Netflix.

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There are so many incredible series released this year. To help you decide what to watch next, here are 14 highly-rated new TV shows in 2021.

There is something for everyone as the list is so diverse. Below, you'll find musicals, thrillers, fantasy, drama and action-packed superhero hits.

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Stop wasting your free time trying to figure out what to watch next. Here are eight new shows on Netflix that are highly-rated and worth binging tonight.

No matter what genre you love to stream, we have some exciting releases worth checking out.

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Is it just us, or does everything taste better when you're with your bestie? With all the sweethearts in this town, there is no surprise we got some amazing places to please that sweet craving. 

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It's crucial that the most important meal of your day is delicious and fulfilling. And what's the most important meal of the day? Dessert, obviously. Think of dessert as "the meal that comes after a meal" and the great thing about dessert is that you can have it multiple times a day! After breakfast? Dessert. After Lunch or Dinner? Dessert. After Dessert? ...Dessert.

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