Antonio Brown's Dance Is A Winning Move For College Football Coaches, Players & 50 Cent

People went from clowning AB to clowning themselves. 🕺️🏈

Antonio Brown, 50 Cent and the cast of 'Power'. Right: The UNC football players and coach.
Florida Associate Editor

Antonio Brown, 50 Cent and the cast of 'Power'. Right: The UNC football players and coach.

Former NFL player Antonio Brown might have left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he started a hilarious dance trend for players who are still on the field every time they celebrate a score or a game win.

The athlete-turned-rapper performed at Rolling Loud Miami in late July and did moves on stage that people couldn't get enough of. Next came the frequent jokes and videos of fans re-creating the dance to his song "Put That S**t On".

AB wanted in on the laughs and continuously reposts these clips on his Instagram and Twitter. The musician also doubles down on his performance as he even records himself doing the moves.

He isn't alone, either. 50 Cent and cast members from the show, Power, were seen on Brown's social media joining in on the finger-pointing shoulder-leaning combination on August 28.

It seemed to spread like wildfire, as the University of Miami football players all started doing the dance after scoring a touchdown.

University of North Carolina's athletic coach, Mack Brown, joined in on the phenomenon. He was caught doing the AB dance in the locker rooms with the UNC players and they all jumped in together.

Bryant University Bulldogs were also on the field caught bopping to the song, as well.

Brown recently had a show at Tycoon weekend in Houston, TX where he performed his famous song. Though the concert was last week, he just uploaded the video this afternoon.

If his music career is anything like his controversial years in the League, he definitely will be a talked-about artist in the industry.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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