Florida truly has something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to beach bums — and even you too, history buffs. The Sunshine State boasts a vast, rich history, and if you know where to look, you can find little gems of the past tucked away almost anywhere. Florida restaurant Cob & Pen, a charming little eatery hidden inside a Tudor-style mansion near Tampa, happens to be one such place.

At first glance, the mansion may seem like an antiquated tourist attraction, but it is so much more than that. It’s a place based on community and delicious craft food, with a history dating back to the 1920s.

Originally built in 1927, the Tudor house went through quite a few renovations, changing owners, and even physically moving around Florida before ending up where it is today.

Before it became the Cob & Pen local foodies know and love today, it even housed and entertained many a famous name traveling through Florida, including Elvis Presley.

The original Tudor House structure still stands today, housing the Cob & Pen's eats while continuing the establishment’s long tradition of entertaining and bringing people together.

Set against a classical backdrop, you can gather with friends, sip on craft beer and wine, and soak in an atmosphere where modern accents and history mesh together in perfect harmony.

The manicured lawn comes complete with games like cornhole and Giant Jenga; set against the stone building, you'll totally get all the C.S. Lewis vibes.

So what type of bites can you expect to get here? There's a little something for every type of foodie in your crew.

You can enjoy a menu of surf and turf along with unique comfort food favorites like fried mac 'n' cheese sandwiches, loaded fries, Japanese street corn, s'mores egg rolls, burgers, and more — a night destined for delicious classic bliss!

You can even book this antique beauty for private events, with either the vintage lounge room or dining area all to yourself, or a combination of both.

Who knew that this gorgeous little mansion hid such a fun and tasty side!

Cob & Pen

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Classic surf & turf, bar bites, comfort food faves, beers, and wines

Address: 1221 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland, FL

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself in a Tudor-era setting and enjoy craft beer, wine, and delicious food at this hidden eatery.