If you didn’t go through a goth phase when you were in middle school, you probably know someone who did. Maybe you're still dark and mysterious on the inside today but you keep your goth pride on the DL for work purposes. Either way, you can feed your inner goth the cutest, most delicious black glitter lattes ever at this Tampa cafe, Chocolate Pi.

You know those little hole-in-the-wall spots you only find after years of living in your town? The ones you just stumble across one day, thinking, “How have I not seen this place before?” Chocolate Pi is one of those secret gems, and once you discover it, you’re bound to be a regular afterward.

French pâtisserie meets antique shop, you’ll find cakes, pies, ice creams, and all kinds of confections at Chocolate Pi, plus delicious craft coffees.

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One of their signature beverages is a gorgeous black glitter latte, officially known as the Brushed Suede.

This galaxy in a cup is actually a cappuccino, made with activated charcoal that gives it a buttery bread taste, dusted with black holographic edible glitter.

And don’t worry, the charcoal won’t stain your teeth; while your mouth may be a little black while drinking, it doesn't stick around. Their other lattes and coffees are just as gorgeous, topped with sprinkles, fruits, and more.

Pair it with one of their fruit tarts, actual chocolate pies, ice creams, macarons, and more for a totally delicious match made in heaven.

They even have non-dairy options available including almond and coconut milk alternatives.

Whether you’re feeding your inner goth or fairy princess, Chocolate Pi and their delicious delights are for everyone.

Chocolate Pi

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Craft coffees and scratch desserts

Address: 5207 N Florida Ave., Tampa, FL

Why You Need To Go: Glitter lattes and delicious desserts await at Chocolate Pi!