You Can Munch On Magical Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos At This Spot Near Tampa

The stuff of unicorn diets.
Polk County Ice Cream Company Near Tampa Has Magical Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos

Between Tampa and Orlando, you can find just about any kind of eatery you want to satiate those cravings. From seafood to sweets, the Sunshine State is basically a foodie’s paradise. A delicious new spot just opened this summer smack dab between O-town and Tampa, and if you didn’t have a sweet tooth before checking out Polk County Ice Cream Company, you probably will after!

Having just opened its doors in July, Polk County Ice Cream Company is not your regular ice cream shop.

Sure, they have all your classic favorite flavors and some fun twists, too, but what really sets them apart is their crazy combinations. Cotton candy ice cream burritos; yeah, it’s a thing you never knew you needed — until now that is.

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The cotton candy is first rolled in the classic manner, then spread open and layered with whatever ice cream flavors and toppings you like then rolled back up again for you to promptly devour.

With over 40 flavors of colorful ice cream to choose from, it’s a treat for your eyes and your stomach. They even have gluten-free cones and nondairy ice cream options.

Being family-owned and operated by the folks who also own Lakeland BBQ, you know you’re in for some quality treats here.

Owner Joel Vann told Taste & See Tampa Bay in an interview, “What we wanted to do was bring something that would cheer everybody up in this town, and what better thing than ice cream?”

Their other combos are nothing to scoff at either, with brownie sundaes, sorbets, and even malts for you to satisfy your sweet tooth with.

Open 7 days a week, you can get your candy and ice cream fix taken care of every day at Polk County Ice Cream Company.

Polk County Ice Cream Company

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Ice cream & sweets

Address: 213 Commonwealth Ave., Polk City, FL

Why You Need To Go: Ice cream-stuffed cotton candy burritos are a magical concoction you have to try at least once in your life!

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