Admit it, there's nothing quite like a cup of caffeine to wake up your soul. Every coffee lover has their go-to beverage, whether that's a piping hot cup-o-black-joe or something more sweet and icy. Tampa cafe and bakery, Chocolate Pi, has the best of both worlds, and they just added a fun new latte to their menu.

Your local Starbucks has nothing on this adorable cafe located next to Ichicoro's ramen stop on North Florida Avenue in Tampa.

French pâtisserie meets antique shop, the antique finishes, patterned wall, and display cases filled with eye-catching pastries all seem to create a perfectly curated vibe with the Instagrammer in mind.

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But vibes aside, it's their bakery and cafe offerings that will make you want to hit this place up on the regular.

Newly added to their menu as of August 13, you'll find a layered latte topped with a cloud of aerated milk that comes in a couple of different flavors.

If fruity flavors are more your speed, opt for the Blue Strawberry, made with layered strawberry and blue lemon milk with a double shot of espresso floated between them.

You can also go a bit more classic with the Neopolitan, which has strawberry and vanilla milk with mocha espresso as the middle layer.

Instagrammer, @jenniferxjimenez tried the Blue Strawberry, telling Narcity that the lemon and strawberry flavors were subtlely sweet without overpowering the coffee.

"I’ve never liked when coffee looked super cute but tastes 🤮 , but this latte was completely different!!" said Jimenez.

According to a post on Chocolate Pi's Instagram page, more flavors will be on the way soon. While the flagship version of this fluffy new latte comes iced, it is available hot as well if preferred.

If this drink doesn't seem quite your thing, fret not. There are plenty of other options to choose from here.

Eat your heart out on artisan desserts made from scratch including fruit tarts, macarons, cakes, ice creams, and more, or sip on other coffees such as the strawberry bit and rainbow sprinkle-topped Strawberry Latte or the Brushed Suede — a lightly sweet, picture-perfect, black glitter latte that'll make your inner goth scream.

Chocolate Pi is the perfect little place for a cute cafe date and deserves a slot on your list of BFF hang out spots as you catch up over coffee and a sweet treat.

A stop for a sip might just need to be in your future.

Chocolate Pi

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Cafe coffees and delicious craft bakery goods

Address: 5207 N Florida Ave., Tampa, FL

Why You Need To Go: Their new cloud lattes will please your eyes and palate with a light and fluffy sweet flavor. You can also indulge in glitter lattes and delicious pastries, cakes, and other baked goods here.