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That Guy Who Ate French Toast On The TTC All Week Finally Had Something Else Delicious For Breakfast

Did you see this guy in Toronto?

That Guy Who Ate French Toast On The TTC All Week Finally Had Something Else Delicious For Breakfast
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In strange news no one asked for, one person was spotted riding the TTC in what can only be described as the most Canadian way ever to start a commute.

This week, TTC riders witnessed a person, affectionately dubbed "French Toast Guy," with a table cloth, dinner plate, cutlery and all of the toppings needed to eat French toast as though seated in a restaurant — on the subway.

By the end of the week, this mystery diner had been spotted in the following Toronto locations:

  • Wellington Square
  • St. Andrew’s streetcar stop
  • Bathurst subway station
  • St. Andrew Station to Rosedale Station
  • Rosedale Station to St. Patrick Station
  • 504 King streetcar
  • King to Dufferin Loop
  • Dupont Station to Summerhill Station
  • Summerhill Station to Union Station
  • St. Andrew subway station to Davisville Station
  • Davisville Station to Spadina Station

It's safe to say most people get hungry on their morning commute, but surely there's an easier way to eat French toast on the go, right?

Each time he appeared, he sat down to an order of French toast before drizzling his breakfast with maple syrup and tucking in with a knife and fork — until the last time, that is. In his final appearance, French Toast Guy rang his bell and lifted the cloche from his plate to reveal sticks of French toast in a red Wendy's container.


Technically he’s “French Toast Stick” guy now 🎥 @aurorapamo #wendys #frenchtoastguy #TTC #toronto #fyp #foryoupage #frenchtoast

Launched this month across Canada, Wendy’s Homestyle French Toast Sticks promise to be "good to go no matter where you’re going" — and it seems Canada’s ultimate French toast fan was prepared to put that claim to the test.

The result? French Toast Guy proves you don’t need to bring an entire dining room with you to enjoy French toast on the go. Baked with busy morning people in mind, Wendy's new French Toast Sticks are a reinvention of the classic breakfast Canadians know and love.

The tasty new sticks are perfect finger food: golden brown and crispy on the outside with a buttery inside that's full of nostalgic flavour.

They also come with a side of dippable syrup so, unlike French Toast (Stick) Guy, you don't have to BYO. Instead, you can dunk, dip and drizzle your way to (relatively) mess-free French toast perfection, wherever you are.

Wendy's new Homestyle French Toast Sticks are available right now as a four- or six-piece menu item at locations across Canada.

You can order the new Homestyle French Toast Sticks at your nearest Wendy's. To learn more about Wendy's breakfast menu items, follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Jennifer Browne
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Sponsored Content Contributing Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.