Big Brother Canada season 9 is finally here and only two episodes in, it has already been filled with unexpected twists. 

To kick it off, it was announced that this season of Big Brother Canada will be different than all the rest as it will be a team-based approach instead of the normal every-person-for-themselves style we're used to. 

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During the second episode, players got really candid with one another in what started as a game of "never have I ever." 

One houseguest, Jedson, asked the group if they were comfortable sharing their "coming out stories."

First to share was Josh who said he approached it by simply saying "by the way I'm dating him" to his mom and stepdad. 

Next, Julie, shared her two coming out stories — the first from coming out as gay and the second from coming out as a trans woman. 

She teared up talking about being bullied as "the only gay guy in school." She continued, saying, "I found the term transgender and thought 'This is me.' So I worked my ass off while I was still in high school to make money, so when I turned 19 years old I went to go see my doctor and then I started my transition."

Next, Breydon said he never really "had to come out" because when he told people they just said, "We know." 

Latoya shared as well, saying, "I'm actually bisexual, and I don't really [have] like an 'out out' story because I'm not really out, but maybe now I am." The group clapped for her.

"It's really, really hard to talk about because my close friends know, my family knows," she started, "if it wasn't for them, I don't know what I would do."

The houseguests showed deep support for one another and applauded everyone's stories. The episode is out now and can be viewed on the Big Brother Canada website.