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The CPAC Stage Was Apparently Shaped Like An Old Nazi Symbol & People Want Answers

The stage hosted many speakers including Donald Trump.
The CPAC Stage Was Apparently Shaped Like An Old Nazi Symbol & People Want Answers

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) wrapped up a weekend of speakers and election teases on Sunday, but some social media users noticed something about the stage that just didn't sit right.

After further analysis, it seems the stage resembled an old symbol used by the Nazis during World War 2, and now some are looking for answers as to whether or not it was on purpose or a simple coincidence.

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The symbol, known as the Odal rune, was used by some Nazi divisions during the war.

The symbol can even be seen flying during the white supremacy riots in Charlottesville, Virginia back in 2017.

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, denies the design's association with the Nazi party, saying the concerns are "outrageous and slanderous."

The conference took place in a Hyatt Hotel, prompting the hotel chain to release a statement. The chain claimed to have not recognized the controversial stage until the conference had already begun, saying they would have addressed the issue if they noticed it beforehand.

The release also stated they believed CPAC's denial of the conspiracy theory, which is why they allowed the event to continue.

"We do not always agree with or share the same values as groups hosting meetings and events at our hotels – and while we may not always get it right, we strive to strike the right balance among our customers’ rights to express themselves in their meetings and events, inclusivity and our role in providing meeting facilities," read the statement. 

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