The Feds Are Giving $1 Million To Communities Affected By Monkeypox & Cases Have Gone Up

Quebec is still the most affected province.

Montreal at dusk. Right: The Centre Block Canadian parliament building.

Montreal at dusk. Right: The Centre Block Canadian parliament building.

After Canada has been hit with a number of cases of monkeypox over the last few months, the federal government has announced a big chunk of funding for affected communities.

In a press release put out by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), the feds confirmed a $1 million commitment to support organizations across the country that advocate for communities that have been disproportionately affected by monkeypox outbreaks.

The first installment of the funding was announced on July 21, with $350,000 going to several community groups for gay and bisexual men's health.

RÉZO in Montreal, the city that has seen the highest cases of the virus, got $150,000; the AIDS Committee of Toronto will receive $100,000; and MAX Ottawa will also get $100,000.

This government funding is to help amplify PHAC's messaging about the illness, with a focus on being "culturally appropriate" and "stigma-free."

This isn't the only cash going out to communities in Canada. A total of $550,000 is going to similar outreach and advocacy groups in Edmonton and Vancouver, too.

The remaining $100,000 is being held onto by PHAC in case of any further emergencies of the virus.

Monkeypox first hit Canada in May 2022 and has since spread across the country as well as the world.

As of July 20, the number of confirmed cases of the virus is up to 604 across the country, with 2 in Saskatchewan, 12 in Alberta, 40 in B.C., 230 in Ontario and 320 in Quebec.

This is a national increase of 304 since July 4.

In June, Canada announced a travel advisory related to the virus for anyone going abroad, advising people to "practise enhanced health precautions."

In response to numbers in their country, the United States has started distributing vaccines for the virus, which are effective against both monkeypox and smallpox.

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Tristan Wheeler
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