For 2020's final number, Netflix is officially removing "The Office" from its streaming service and it will no longer be available as of January 1, 2021.

All nine seasons of the beloved show will be moved to the Peacock streaming service, returning it to its true master, NBC.

The news was announced seriously a year and a half ago, but since 2020 has lasted about 30 years, you may have forgotten...but now, it's time to remember, pal (and people ARE remembering).

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30 days left to watch "The Office" (or fall asleep to it) on Netflix

People are devastated. The internet itself weeps.

The devastation is vast.

NBC snatched the show back and planned to stream it on their own service before the service (Peacock) even existed.

Well, Peacock is here now, and it will now envelop the beloved show, prying it from our cold, tired, and extremely sanitized hands.

2020, you have won! We wave the white flag.