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This Bear Straight-Up Wandered Into An Alberta Home & It Was Quite The Ordeal To Get It Out

"Fun times living in the woods of Northern Alberta!"

This Bear Straight-Up Wandered Into An Alberta Home & It Was Quite The Ordeal To Get It Out

Living in this beautiful country means an inevitable encounter or two with wildlife, but finding a bear in your home is pretty extreme, even for us Canucks.

On October 4, Sean Reddy from Saprae Creek, near Fort McMurray, Alberta, posted on Facebook about an alarming interaction he had with one of the wild creatures.

"Fun times living in the woods of Northern Alberta!," he cheekily began the post about his unexpected guest.

After spotting the creature in his garage, Reddy warned his sons about the situation. He went back and couldn't find the animal, so he assumed it had wandered away.

"That's when my youngest boy came out saying he heard scratching inside the house, then saw the bear which he first thought was our heavy-set black dog Luna but realize it was way too big," he continued.

"When I went inside to check it out that the bear really was inside, he was in the hallway and walked into my sons room. That's when I went up and closed the door behind him!"

Reddy assumed the bear had crawled in through his son's window, but when he went outside, he realized the window was closed. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the animal had forced its way in through another window before wandering around the house.

"That's when we had to figure out what to do," Reddy wrote. "Closed all the doors except for Mr. Bears escape window. Made a barricade so that when the bear came out he [..] only had one way to go. Opened the bedroom door and luckily the bear wanted out and went back out his window. He sauntered up the driveway, set off a bear banger beside him but he didn't care a bit!"

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