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This Mama Bear Did The Most To Get Her Cubs Off The Street But It's Adorable Chaos (VIDEO)

If you're looking for something new to watch, you can forget about Netflix and watch this viral bear video on repeat. 

A woman named Robin Covelli captured a hilariously adorable scene in Connecticut in which a mother bear tried to get her mischievous cubs across the street. 

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In the video, we see traffic stopped in both directions while the black bear tries to herd up her four tiny cubs. She begins by carrying one across by the scruff while another follows. 

A third follows, as well, while the fourth starts to climb a power pole. The mom goes back to get it and, of course, one of the cubs follows her. 

She struggles with the uncooperative cubs for ages, before finally getting them across the road. 

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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