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This Canadian App Can Earn You Bitcoin When You Shop At Sobeys & Walmart Or Gas Up At Esso

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This Canadian App Can Earn You Bitcoin When You Shop At Sobeys & Walmart Or Gas Up At Esso
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In an era where the Canadian cost of living soars, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for most to make ends meet. Amidst the ebb and flow of financial pressures, emerges Coinmiles—the fastest-growing Canadian rewards app ready to throw Canadians a financial lifeline.

Bitcoin’s the buzzword nowadays, especially with big shots like BlackRock singing its praises. But for those of us who are just like “Bitcoin, what?“, Coinmiles has made it so easy to jump on this trend without diving deep into the crypto world.

Every time you hit up your local Sobeys, FreshCo, IGA, Safeway, or decide to gas up your ride at Esso, you can now earn Bitcoin. You can directly cash out these rewards to your bank via Interac, keep them in Bitcoin, or exchange them for gift cards (think Esso, Walmart, Uber, and more). It’s as simple as tap, shop, earn. But wait, it gets even better. You don’t have to give up your fave credit card rewards or loyalty points. With Coinmiles, it’s all about maximizing those rewards. You earn Bitcoin AND your usual points.

How The Coinmiles App Work

Why You Should Try It Out: Apart from your daily errands, this app’s got your back on those late-night Sephora hauls, gaming sprees on PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and even those Uber Eats cravings. With over 1,000 brands in its arsenal, Coinmiles is here to make sure every dollar you spend goes that extra mile.

Download Coinmiles HERE

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