Isn’t it comforting to know that you can rely on someone or something to keep you calm 24/7? Well, that something can be Jeju Sauna and Spa in Duluth, Georgia. At this 24/7 Georgia nude spa, you can enjoy unique thermal baths and spa services around the clock, in your birthday suit. Jeju opened in 2007 and is named after the Korean word “Jjimjil”, meaning "heating". Its name and offerings are inspired by traditional Korean kiln saunas. The saunas are found in the "dry area" of the spa where you'll also find a restaurant with over 20 Asian dishes. I mean, could it get any better? The "wet area" is where you'll find the thermal baths and many other amenities. Clothing is optional in this area.  

When you enter the spa, you will be given a wristband and orange-ish comfy clothing to put on. After changing in the locker room, you will discover the vast glory of the common area, where you are asked to wear the provided clothing. 

The common (dry) area houses nine saunas. Each sauna at Jeju is constructed of different minerals and aromas for diverse, but equally satisfying experiences. These saunas range from rock and salt to charcoal and wood. Each one has different heat levels and promotes unique restorative processes within the mind, body, and soul.

After finding your zen in the saunas, you will enter the wet area, where everyone is naked. Super empowering. Here you will find the pool, thermal baths, showers, infrared light center, and “a-la-carte” services. These services include cold cucumber masks, Korean Demadi (body scrub), a rejuvenating hip bath, a variety of waxes, body massages, and reflexology. You can even get your nails done (oh, you fancy, huh?).

You can write your name on the white board in the center of the wet area to mark your place in line for whatever pampering your heart desires. You can also enjoy many skin-enhancing properties at the infrared light station. We guess you can say, "it's lit."

Last but not least, the hottest (and coldest) attraction is the thermal cycle baths that include ice cold, lukewarm, and piping hot pools.

If you are wondering about cleanliness, cleaning hardly stops here so it’s super sanitary. There are also plenty of showers with toiletries provided. 

When we say this place has it all, we mean it. The best part is that everything except a-la-carte services (which range from $35 to $100) is included in the $30 entry price. This includes thermal baths, the saltwater pool, infrared light center, showers, and the nine saunas. There is also a (separate) men’s spa just for the guys. 

It’s super comforting to know that Jeju is open every waking moment because as adults, loads of stress can sneak up at any time. So if you’re stressed and sleepless at 3 a.m. because life hurled yet another curveball at you, Jeju has got your back. Speaking of relaxation, you have to try this CBD experience at this Atlanta nail salon.

Jeju Sauna and Spa

Price: $30

Address: 3555 Gwinnett Pl. Dr. N.W., Duluth, GA 30096

Why You Should Go: To destress and let loose around the clock by enjoying countless spa experiences for a super affordable price.