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This Millennial Couple Moved From Toronto To Waterdown, Ontario & Here's Why

Space, calm and a new perspective were just the beginning.

This Millennial Couple Moved From Toronto To Waterdown, Ontario & Here's Why
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Deciding to move is a big choice, and when it involves selling one home and buying another, the pressure to get it right can be intense.

You might assume that working with an experienced real estate agent in your area is the only way to make sure it goes smoothly. And while this is an option, it's not your only one.

If you're like Nicole and Ahmad, a more modern approach with Properly might be just what you need.

Time For A Change

Though Nicole and Ahmad loved living in Toronto, they weren't enjoying the city like they used to. Like most Canadians, the pandemic had forced them to spend more time at home, which in their case was a 120-year-old house that needed some significant renovations.

While on the hunt for a place with more space and less stress, the couple discovered the historic, charming and cozy town of Waterdown, Ontario.

Anyone who’s moved can tell you that browsing house listings is the easy part.

In order to buy their dream place in Waterdown, Nicole and Ahmad needed to sell their house. This is when they ran into trouble.

While they loved the personal touches they put into the style of their home, real estate agents found it too quirky and weren't prepared to sell it for what it was really worth.

Disappointed, Nicole and Ahmad wondered if it was even possible to make their sleepy suburban dreams come true.

How Properly Helped

Properly is a different kind of real estate company. With a suite of easy-to-use online tools and a team of property experts, Properly's goal is to take all the unnecessary stress out of the buying and selling process.

The real estate company’s free Instant Estimate home value calculator helped Nicole and Ahmad get a sense of what their property was actually worth and what was happening in the market, especially with so many unknowns during the pandemic.

Courtesy of Properly

Nicole and Ahmad got a quote using Sale Assurance, a revolutionary service from Properly that allowed them to secure financing for their next home before selling their current one.

Right away, they knew the kind of property they could afford, which eliminated the pressure to sell first or worry about double mortgages, temporary housing or settling for something less than perfect.

From there, a contractor came in and reviewed their Toronto home from top to bottom. In contrast to other agents who recommended expensive renovations, Properly's team focused on what was already great about the property, not what could be changed.

Courtesy of Properly

When it was time to look at new homes, Nicole and Ahmad's Properly agent, Rahim Jaffer, took care of everything. Their buying and selling journey was so easy, Nicole and Ahmad almost forgot their house hadn't sold yet.

After the couple moved into their new home, Properly handled every aspect of selling their old place. To Nicole and Ahmad's delight, only four days after the house had been listed, it was sold.

In particular, they couldn’t believe how phenomenal the staging was. Rahim was actively involved throughout the whole process, and it felt like no expense had been spared.

A Fresh Start In The Suburbs

Nicole and Ahmad’s next big goal is to transform their Waterdown backyard into an “oasis” in time for summer. As the lucky winners of Properly’s 2021 Style Your Home Contest, the couple got to enjoy a virtual consultation with the Scott Brothers, plus $25,000 cash, to make their dreams a reality.

Now, they each have their own spacious office areas and enjoy a large bedroom with a relaxing soaker tub. Nicole often cooks up a storm in their beautiful open-concept kitchen, and neither of them has to worry about getting home through Toronto traffic ever again.

Above all, Nicole and Ahmad are truly happy with their move to Waterdown and just how easy the entire process was with Properly.

Frankie Cena caught up with Nicole and Ahmad in their new hometown to see how they're finding the quiet life and to experience the charm of Waterdown, Ontario, for himself.

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