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This Ontario Spot Is The 'Most-Loved' Landmark In The World & It Beat The Grand Canyon

It ranked higher than the Eiffel Tower, too.

Toronto Senior Staff Writer
City of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

City of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

It's time to plan a day trip, because this Ontario landmark was just named the "most-loved" in the world, and it even beat the Grand Canyon.

A study from Bounce, a luggage storage network, revealed the top 10 "best-loved" landmarks in the world, and Niagara Falls came in at the top of the list, with a score of 9.22/10. The study looked at a number of factors for popular landmarks across the globe, including annual visitors, admission fees, Tripadvisor ratings, and Instagram posts.

Graphic of top landmarks in the world. Graphic of top landmarks in the world. Courtesy of Bounce

According to the research, the powerful waterfall draws nearly 12 million visitors per year, has a perfect rating on Tripadvisor, and is the subject of over 3 million Instagram posts.

Second on the list is the Taj Mahal in India, which draws 6.5 million visitors per year and has over 2 million Instagram posts. The USA's Grand Canyon came in third, with 6.2 million visitors per year and over 4 million Instagram posts.

Other places on the list include the Colosseum, Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel Tower. Banff National Park, another Canadian landmark, came in at number nine.

Not only is Niagara Falls the "most-loved" landmark in the world, it has also been named the most-filmed location in Canada, with over 142 movie credits on IMDb.

Apart from the falls themselves, there are lots of other attractions in the area. A brand new attraction recently opened, and you can take an underground tunnel right to the bottom of the cascade. Or, you can check out the many restaurants and activities throughout the city.

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