Hidden in a cave in the hills of Rocky Peak Park in Simi Valley, California is a swing inside of a graffitied cave and it is nothing short of absolutely breathtaking. 

The swing is attached to the top of the cave and swings out over the valley below, in a mix of something beautiful and terrifying.

The trek getting to this secret cave and its swing isn't easy, as it's a four-mile-long loop trail that, much of the time, has you hiking steep inclines, that sometimes require a rope.

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To get to the swing in the cave, you've got to follow the signs leading to it, or risk getting lost.

The climbs are steep, so if you do choose to make this trek yourself, you've got to be really careful on your way there and make sure you bring the right materials.

The views of the mountainous desert valley from the cave are mesmerizing, making the trek totally worth the effort.

The inside of the cave itself is almost as enchanting as the views — this is one colorful cave.

The cave is also covered in netting and there's a little hammock hanging from the stone.

Hummingbird Trail

Address: 2954-2980 Kuehner Dr, Simi Valley, CA

Why You Need To Go: Because you, an experienced hiker, have never been on a swing like this before