A TikToker Named Major US Cities By Their Zodiac Sign & So Many People Are Divided

"As a Gemini, a full no to Nashville."

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The TikToker in her video about U.S. cities as zodiac signs. Right: Nashville, TN.

The TikToker in her video about U.S. cities as zodiac signs. Right: Nashville, TN.

Many turn to astrology to explain certain personality traits of themselves and other people, but what about the characteristics of a city?

Some cities are so iconic they can be considered to have a unique identity — one that could even be likened to a specific zodiac sign. That’s precisely what one TikToker did in a video comparing metro areas across the United States.

TikTok user Eli Rallo (@elirallo) assigned each of the 12 astrological signs to an American city in a clip that has gained over 293,000 views.

"Welcome to the signs as major U.S. cities," the content creator says in her post. "If you’re easily offended, scroll away."


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The first city on the list is Las Vegas, Nevada, with Sagittarius as its astrological sign.

"It’s giving glitz, it’s giving glam, it’s giving accidentally getting married and regretting it the next day," Rallo says. "It’s giving an escape from problems where you will create more problems for yourself. It’s giving Sagittarius. Life of the party."

Followed after Las Vegas is Chicago, Illinois, a city the content creator says is a "spicy, nice place," and because of that, Taurus was selected for this metropolitan area. She described the city as "a warm comfy hug, except for when it's freezing out."

New York City was given Capricorn, as Rallo considers people in this place are "hustling and they’re grinding, or crying."

The coastal city of Miami, Florida, was assigned Scorpio.

"It’s sexy, it’s a little mysterious, but it’s warm. It’s giving water sign. There’s water," the TikToker says. "Scorpios are giving going to a party and crying over their ex once they get there, and that’s what Miami is giving."

Without any doubt, Rallo gave Los Angeles, California, the Libra sign, arguing that the city is "pretty" but has "bitchy elitism."

Cancer was likened to Orlando, Florida, mainly for being the city with "the most magical place on Earth," aka Disney World.

"Close to the ocean. There’s water. There's children. You can drink around the world, drink your depression away, or get more depressed. Listen, this is us, okay?" says the content creator, who’s a Cancer.

Nashville, Tennesse, was monikered a Gemini as the content creator asserts that Geminis think they’re "better than everybody else."

"Minimalist vibes, composting things, black coffee. San Francisco," says Rallo after picking Virgo for the northern California city.

Moving up to the Northeast, Boston was given Pisces — "the girl next door."

"Pisces have to be near a body of water. They like some peace and quiet, but they can still throw down, and they need to be around comfort food at all times," the TikToker mentions.

The "Keep Austin Weird" phrase apparently suits Aquarius perfectly, according to the creator, with little explanation needed.

Washington D.C. was named a Leo.

"Every single Leo wants to be the president of the goddamn United States," Rallo says. "I swear to God, they think they should be."

Finally, Aries was tied to New Orleans for being both "chaotic" and "beautiful" at the same time.

Part of the comment section on Rallo's TikTok video.Part of the comment section on Rallo's TikTok video.elirallo | TikTok

The comment section of the viral video is flooded with users who either agree or disagree with the cities that got their astrological sign.

"As a Sagittarius, I knew that I was Vegas as soon as it was up, lol," one person shared.

"As a Gemini, a full no to Nashville," another user chimed in.

"I knew Cap had to be NY. Thank you for the validation," someone else wrote.

Which city is your zodiac sign?

Fernanda Leon
Desk Editor, Texas
Fernanda Leon is an Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on Texas and is based in El Paso, Texas.
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