A TikToker Shared 9 Random Things She'd Miss About Canada If She Ever Moved Back To The UK

The things we take for granted, eh?

Hot sauce in a store. Middle: TikToker @thenewcomercollective. Right: The Canadian flag.
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Hot sauce in a store. Middle: TikToker @thenewcomercollective. Right: The Canadian flag.

Ever thought of packing your bags and moving from Canada to the U.K.?

Sure, there might be some benefits like milder winters and more time-off, but there could also be a ton of things you'd probably miss about Canada, too, as this TikToker pointed out.

Kate Malcolm, who posts videos under her TikTok handle @thenewcomercollective says she had gone to visit her family over Christmas and kept thinking about how she missed Canada for so many things.

This is why the Brit made a list of all the things she would miss about Canada if she moved back to the U.K. permanently.

And at the very top of her list was none other than … ice in her drinks!

While this may not be the cold stuff Canada is famous for, apparently getting a glass with ice all the way to the top isn't guaranteed in other parts of the world.

Kate emphasizes this, adding that in the U.K. when you order a glass of water, it comes room temperature. Which, you know, is pretty unacceptable.

Next on the list is friendly people.


I have no business being this out of breath from a tiktok #newtocanada #britincanada #movetocanada #ilovecanada

She goes on to talk about how friendly and chatty Canadians are as opposed to England where "it's like frosty, no eye contact [] pushed around in the grocery store, no one says sorry."

"Very strange, love the Canadian way," she laughs.

Other things that made the list included "taps and faucets where you can choose the temperature," she says, adding that in the U.K. it's more common to have two taps for cold and hot, while Canada has just one.

And the next point was "high toilet water," which she says she isn't getting into because it's "self-explanatory."

Meanwhile if you feel like a meal is incomplete without your BBQ sauce, you might want to rethink moving to the U.K. because it's simply not as common there, according to the TikToker.

She recounts asking for BBQ sauce in the U.K., with restaurants offering her HP sauce instead.

"No! I've moved on… I'm from Canada now. I need my BBQ," she says.

The next point on the list is something a lot of people who have moved will probably relate to: blue skies.

Kate goes on to talk about how even in Canadian winters, when it's -20C outside, we still have open blue skies and loads of sunshine.

"It's so much nicer."

Some other points that she says she really loves and appreciates about Canada is that it has flags everywhere, drive-through ATMs and pharmacies and… "turning right on red [lights.]"

It's not the only time she's talked about life in Canada either.

In the past, Kate has also described "Canadian" things she's done that should immediately "earn" her a passport, and these are hilarious.

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