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Biden & Harris  Named Time's 'Person Of The Year' While Trump Bashes Biden On Twitter

On Thursday, December 10, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named together as the Time Person of The Year

The magazine shared excerpts from the article. "Biden had the vision, set the tone and topped the ticket. But he also recognized what he could not offer on his own, what a 78-year-old white man could never provide," they wrote. 

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It continues to say that Biden chose to name Harris, a biracial woman born to immigrant parents, to be his running mate and now Vice President. "The Vice President has never before been a woman, or Black, or Asian American," says Time. 

Meanwhile, Trump has been busy on Twitter sharing successes from his term as president. 

He's also been rapid-firing tweets about Biden and how the U.S. is in for trouble. 

Biden and Harris were named alongside several hard-hitters such as LeBron James for Athlete of The Year, frontline workers as Guardian of The Year, and Zoom's founder, Eric Yuan, as Businessperson of the year. 

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