It's Officially 2 Weeks From Christmas & If You're Quarantining It Starts Now

What would Santa do?
It's Officially 2 Weeks From Christmas & If You're Quarantining It Starts Now

Want a better chance at a COVID-19 free Christmas this year? Well, today might be your best bet to get that wish as the holiday is a mere two weeks away.

Apparently, if you quarantine for a two-week period right now and show no symptoms by December 25, you could have a fighting chance to stay clear of the virus.   

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Santa and I had a call to discuss his Christmas Eve plan. DR. THERESA TAM

No one in the country is more on board with the idea of quarantining and listening to health advice than Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.

Even Santa Claus is on to the not-so-secret plan.

Canadians should take a page out of his book because a push from Dr. Tam got him to agree to limit his non-essential contacts for 14 days so he can get back to work on Christmas Eve. 

In fact, he will be a model citizen by washing his hands, physically distancing and sporting a mask over his big white beard too.   

Dr. Tam wants Canadians to follow in his footsteps, and if you start today, you could have a slightly more normal December 25. But keep in mind, masks and distancing are still recommended.

Also, just because Santa can travel the whole globe doesn't mean you should too.

Dr. Tam believes that non-essential travel should be a big no for Canadians this Christmas who want to protect their families.

"This year the best way to protect yourself, your family, and those most at risk of severe illness from COVID-19 in our communities is to avoid non-essential travel," she said.