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Dr. Tam Had A Call With Santa & Revealed How Christmas Eve Is Going Down

Kris Kringle will limit non-essential activities for 14 days before his sleigh takes off.
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Christmas In Canada During COVID-19 Has Been Planned By Dr. Theresa Tam & Santa Claus

When it comes to Christmas in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, the country's top doctor had a call with Santa Claus to talk about how it'll all go down.

Dr. Theresa Tam tweeted about her chat with Kris Kringle on December 9 and they discussed his plan for Christmas Eve.

She got him to commit to four things to keep everyone safe this year.

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Santa and I had a call to discuss his Christmas Eve plan. Dr. Theresa Tam

Dr. Tam said Santa has committed to limiting non-essential activities 14 days before he loads up his sleigh with gifts and heading around the world.

He'll wash his hands frequently and wear a mask.

Father Christmas will also practice physical distancing.

"He's an old pro," Dr. Tam said.

At the end of November, she told Canadians to only do essential errands and outings before the holidays and have "the talk" with family members about how celebrations will happen this year.

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