'Too Hot To Handle' Stars Share 6 Facts About Season 3 That Will Definitely Surprise You

WHO cooked their meals?!

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'Too Hot To Handle' Stars Share 6 Facts About Season 3 That Will Definitely Surprise You

Too Hot To Handle season three dropped on January 19, and, as usual, there was no safe place for contestants to hide when it came to cameras and Lana.

Even though the group was always being filmed, there are some things that didn't make it to the show, and the cast told Narcity about some of the behind-the-scenes facts from this season that might surprise you.

Rhianna's private chef cooked their meals

Even if the contestants didn't find love on the island, they definitely "found love" when it came to their meals. The food was prepared by none other than Rhianna's private chef, according to Toronto contestant Obi Nnadi.

"Believe it or not, we had Rihanna's private chef cooking for us on the island," he explains. "This is the person that literally makes food for Rihanna on a regular basis [...] and he knew what he was doing because he's cooking for like, 15 of us."

"The food was absolutely amazing out there. Honestly, every single day we ate good breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, you name it."

"That's why I had to make sure that I was working out every single day because you're not eating that good and looking good on camera," he laughs.


They only had 30 minutes to get ready every day

While the stars certainly look camera-ready, they actually didn't have much time to get dolled up at all.

"We had 30 minutes to get ready, and we all had to share one shower," Canadian contestant Holly Scarfone says. "We'd have to wait for people to finish showering, so I genuinely had like, 10 minutes to get ready each day. [...] A lot of times it was more natural, and other times when I wanted to do my makeup I had to just throw it on, so it was a little bit of a challenge."

Nnadi almost caused a "ruckus" and left the show

"There was actually a point where I thought to myself that, 'This is my last day. I don't want to be here anymore,'" Nnadi reveals.

"It was during the time when Bri had actually chosen Nathan for the date. I was like, 'Yo, two girls do me like this? [...] Why am I here still?'"

"In my head, I was about to cause a ruckus before I left, because I wasn't just gonna leave in peace. So that probably would have been the juiciest thing that happened because I was gonna be like, 'Yo, before I leave here, I'll make sure they all remember me.' But I didn't do that.

"What really happened was Nathan actually talked to me," Nnadi says. "He was like, 'Listen, bro, we love you. We don't want you to leave.'"

They brought their own outfits

From fashionable swimsuits to party outfits, the cast spent their time on the island in style, but Scarfone says that when it came to their wardrobes, they were on their own.

"We completely brought our own outfits," she says. "We were a really tight-knit group, so we did share our outfits and the girls would help each other. But all of our outfits were completely our own."

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Beaux took Harry on a romantic date

Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson, who — spoiler alert — ended up winning the season, were easily one of the sweetest couples on the show. It turns out that a super adorable moment between them didn't make the final cut.

"I actually created a date scene for him. I laid blankets out and pillows under the stars, and that was as soon as I was trying to let my guard down a little bit," Beaux revealed in an interview with Narcity.

"So I definitely thought to myself, well, I must like him now if I'm doing things like this for him. But unfortunately, they didn't show that."

The partying never got "sloppy"

For a group of singles with a reputation for partying, you might be surprised to learn that they kept it "classy" during filming.

"During the party scenes, you know, we might drink a little bit, but we all kept it really classy," says Scarfone. "Some nights we'd have maybe one drink, it was never sloppy at all. To be fair, I don't drink a ton of alcohol anyway, so that wasn't really an issue for me."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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