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6 Wild Things You Never Knew About The 'Too Hot To Handle' Audition Process

The stars told Narcity all about their experiences.

6 Wild Things You Never Knew About The 'Too Hot To Handle' Audition Process

Before the contestants of Too Hot To Handle arrive on the island and spend their days under the dominion of Lana, they first have to make it through some wild auditions.

From stripteases to all sorts of tests, it's far from your average interview, and some of the stars opened up about the "weird" things that happen during the selection process.

They ask some contestants to dance and strip on camera

Imagine showing up to an interview and being asked to take your shirt off. That's what happened to Toronto contestant Obi Nnadi, whose virtual audition "went to the next level."

"She's like, 'Show us how you would dance if you're on a night out,'" he recalls. "So I'm in front of my laptop, dancing for this random person I've never met in my life. And she's like, 'Take your shirt off. Show us those abs!' And I'm like, 'Okay, shirt's coming off!'"

They scout some people from Instagram

Holly Scarfone, another Canadian contestant, had a much different experience when it came to being selected for the show. In fact, she didn't have to audition at all.

"So I was reached out via Instagram, in my DMs," she tells Narcity. At the time, she was told that it was for a show called Pleasure Island.

"I found out very quick, that wasn't the case. But I actually didn't audition."

They ask you if you're okay with being lied to

Nnadi says he should have picked up that "this whole thing was weird" after one interviewer asked how he would handle being lied to.

"The other guy calls and he goes [...]'So, what if someone was to tell you that every single thing was a lie? How would you react?' I was like, 'what, that makes no sense.'"

"It was a it was a weird one, for sure."

Contestants have to get tested before going on the show

Season two's Carly Lawrence reveals that contestants need to undergo several different tests before going on the show.

"We had tons of COVID tests, we had to get psychological testing, we had to do STD tests, we all had to be clear for everything before we went on the show," she says.

It's not just about looks

Being "too hot to handle" isn't quite enough to land you a spot on the show. Contestants are also selected based on their personalities and lifestyles.

Beaux Raymond, a season three contestant, tells Narcity that her audition involved, "explaining yourself and just being really fun and silly."

Nnadi says he was asked "simple questions like, 'What do you do for fun? Are you single? Are you mingling?'"

Contestants think they'll be island-hopping and hooking up

During the audition, and until they arrive on the actual island, the contestants are under the impression that they will be partying and mingling on a completely different show.

"Honestly, I watched season one of Too Hot To Handle, and I thought it was one of those series where it was one and done. I had no idea that they were rebooting this thing," Nnadi tells Narcity.

"I got to the island and everybody was wearing Parties in Paradise shirts.They really sold this thing to us."

"I was reached out [to] for a program called Pleasure Island," Scarfone recalls. "I was told we were going to go on this island, and everyone's gonna be hot. And we're all singles, and it's a party, and we're gonna be boating from island to island."

"I didn't even know it was Too Hot To Handle. So yeah, definitely took me by surprise."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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