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'Too Hot To Handle' Star Carly Lawrence Talks Sex Behind The Scenes & 'Pooping On Camera'

"We had to do STD tests. We all had to be clear for everything before we went on the show."

The entire second season of the wild and risqué reality show Too Hot To Handle has finally hit Netflix, and if you've been keeping up, you'll know that 24-year-old Carly Lawrence from Toronto is one of the contestants.

The show brings together a bunch of sexy, eligible singles who are told they can't have any sexual contact whatsoever. "If we wanted to do anything sexual, it would cost the whole group money," says Lawrence. "So we started at $100,000 and any time you kissed, if you gave oral, hand jobs, sex, it would just cost the whole group money."

The self-proclaimed "man-eater" filled Narcity in on what tests contestants had to do before going on the show, what it was like peeing on camera, who she actually gets along with and more.

Were you ever safe from the cameras? Was there a bathroom or hideaway people used to escape Lana?

"Everything was being filmed all the time," Lawrence says."The first day, as soon as I talked, every camera turned to me and it was weird to have literally 15 cameras directly pointing at you because someone [is] watching you."

Even the bathrooms weren't safe from the prying eyes of Lana.

"The weirdest thing was when you go pee," she adds. "Like someone's watching you go pee. They have me pooping on camera somewhere in the world."

Did you have to get tested before going on the show?

"We had tons of COVID tests, we had to get psychological testing, we had to do STD tests. We all had to be clear for everything before we went on the show."

What were the rules around sex if you DID decide to get intimate with someone?

On top of losing money for the team, any intimate moments would also be caught on film. "We were mic'ed and 'camara'ed' 24/7," Lawrence explains. "But of course there were some things that they didn't show. Some people did sleep together and they didn't show it on camera. They would show the dark room [...] but nothing too graphic."

Did you have any idea that you were actually going to appear on Too Hot To Handle?

"I had no idea I was going to the show at all," Lawrence says. "They had put on paper that it was Parties In Paradise and also when we got to the villa everyone was wearing Parties In Paradise shirts. When Lana popped up, I was like, 'Oh My Lord.'"

Did everyone actually get along?

"Everyone was always nice to each other, but definitely not everyone got along, I'll say that. There are some people that I do not talk to from the show and then there are some that I'm really close with," she says. "Going forward, I'll definitely be in contact with Melinda, Nathan, Chase and um, did I say Joey? Ya, and Joey. And then maybe Marvin. Marvin messages me sometimes too, but Marvin is in Paris, he's so far away."

What was the wildest thing that happened behind-the-scenes while filming?

"One really funny thing that happened behind the scenes was Marvin and Chase got into a huge fight, they almost fought each other. They were having a fight about what food in what country is better. It was so stupid, and they're just both such alpha males [...] they were just being nutcases," she laughs.

"I think one of them had to leave the lunchroom because it was that heated. But then everyone started getting into it giving their opinions. Everyone's such a big personality [...] and they're all going at each other in the room, and I'm just sitting there probably eating chicken."

You're a Toronto girl. If you wanted to take someone on a date around town, where would you go?"

"I probably would take them to maybe The Chase, Harbour 60 is nice, and then go down to the water. Honestly, I'm a really big homebody," she admits. "I like to go to a couple bars but then I like to come home for my dogs."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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