'Too Hot To Handle' Star Holly Scarfone Is From Ontario & Here's What We Know About Her

She told Narcity about her Canadian roots.

'Too Hot To Handle' Star Holly Scarfone Is From Ontario & Here's What We Know About Her
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Things got spicy on Netflix Canada last week with the release of Too Hot To Handle Season 3. If you haven't already binge-watched the whole thing, the racy reality show places a group of fun-loving singles on an island under the pretence that they'll be partying their days away.

The singles, however, are in for a shock when they find out that they're actually on Too Hot To Handle, and that they'll have to refrain from any sort of physical romance or risk losing money from the prize fund.

One of the contestants is 23-year-old "hurricane" Holly Scarfone, a Canadian-born model and psychology graduate. In an email to Narcity, Scarfone revealed some fun facts about herself, and here's what we know so far.

She's from North Bay and went to school there too

While she was "studying and partying at the University of Colorado" at the time the show was filmed, Scarfone actually has roots in Northern Ontario. She told Narcity that she is from North Bay, a city about three and a half hours from Toronto.

Scarfone attended E.W. Norman Public School in North Bay before moving to the U.S. around second grade.

The 6ix is one of her fave spots in Canada

When it comes to her favourite places in Canada, Scarfone says she loves Toronto and Montreal.

"I love the diversity Canada has to offer in terms of regions," she says. "I love the vibe of Quebec, as is it so different than the rest of Canada."

Her bucket list includes hitting the slopes in BC

"I have always wanted to go to B.C., and Whistler for skiing," she tells Narcity.

Italian food is the way to her heart

Scarfone's favourite dish is all too relatable. "My favourite food is pasta, 100%," she says.

She's a hockey fan

In true Canadian fashion, Scarfone loves a good old hockey game. Her favourite team? The Toronto Maple Leafs! Sorry Sens fans.

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